The Crown original series announced

What a way to start off the first UK produced original series, this royal drama tells the story of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

It is based on the West End play ‘The Audience’, the drama will examine the relationship the Queen had with her Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill.

10 Episodes have been scheduled to be released in 2016 which will complete 1 season, this season will cover 10 years of the Queen’s reign. The first season will begin with Elizabeth being 25 years old and yet to inherit the crown.

Netflix have made a significant investment in this project, it comes with a price tag of £100m.

Netflix’s Vice President Cindy Holland made the following statement : “The Crown is storytelling that lives somewhere between television and cinema from Britain’s foremost chroniclers of modern politics, class and society,”

This series is a first for Netflix UK and one to look out for in 2016. The announcement of a first UK original series is a good indicator for the future.